Optimized workflow in HbA1c determination with on-board hemolysis

In order to process whole blood samples by on-board hemolysis, analyzers need to fulfill specific requirements. It needs to be ensured that samples with sedimented erythrocytes will be determined correctly. Therefore, immersion depth of the sample probe is  a critical issue. Moreover an extensive washing of the sample probe must be performed in order to avoid undesired carryover.

Common Analyzer

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In common analyzers, even if they are capable of on-board hemolysis, immersion depth of sample probe is not adequate to reach sedimented erythrocytes. A manual hemolyzing step is necessary.

respons® 910

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Respons® 910 allows sample mixture by aspiration and expulsion before sample pipetting, avoiding sedimentation effects.


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BioMajesty® - The optimized design of the sample probe allows aspiration of the sample from the bottom of the test tube, where erythrocytes sediment.