Accuracy. Efficiency. Comfort.
The New Routine Reference Method
for Determination of HbA1c.

The Gold Standard of Tomorrow Exceeding Your Expectations Today

Highly specific

  • Specific for HbA1c due to enzymatic test principle
  • No significant interferences by hemoglobin variants and other blood components

Accurate and precise

  • Standardized to IFCC, DCCT/NGSP traceable
  • Excellent precision
  • Results equivalent to HPLC

User-friendly and economic

  • Consolidation on clinical chemistry analyzer
  • Liquid-stable, ready-to-use 2-component reagent
  • No additional washing steps
  • Wide measuring range from 20 to 150 mmol/mol IFCC (4 – 16 % DCCT/NGSP)
    within a hemoglobin concentration range from 6 to 30 g/dL
  • Calibration stability of 6 weeks




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